I can not say enough good things about our special Doula Bailey. I wanted the perfect non medicated birth but ended up having an early C section during a prenatal procedure. Bailey was there for us right away- helping my new family emotionally and physically! Our post-partum hours were priceless, Bailey helped us with our latch in the hospital and we have been successfully exclusively breast feeding for two months. She cooked delicious healthy meals so I could stay off my feet and recover while being super well nourished. I can't wait for my next pregnancy and special time with our doula! 


"Bailey was a visionary doula that inspired and held my sacred birth journey within a container of passionate wisdom, mindful research and razor sharp intuition. From the very beginning she provided some important literature that set the stage for some of the most powerful and important decisions I'll make in this life time. At the birth, she was a fierce guardian of my natural process and advocate for my family's health and safety when the pressure was on. Up against much resistance, we made hospital birth ecstatic, sacred and natural. We left feeling elated and triumphant with a strong healthy newborn son in our arms!  Post-partum, Bailey jumped right in to assist my partner when emergency left little other help available, and still visits our son to this day. He is vibrant, peaceful and strong as they come." ~Katie & David

Bailey has been the foundation of my support network in this new journey called motherhood. From finding ways to engage my partner in the birthing process to providing nursing advice, she has instilled a sense of confidence in myself to trust my body and intuition in making decisions for my new child. While giving birth, I felt a sense of security knowing that my doula was there to articulate my needs and bring my mind towards a more meditative state through calm, confident guidance.

- Ayesha

 I would recommend Bailey to anyone looking for the support of a doula. She is extremely knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. Bailey gave my husband and I relaxation exercises to help us connect prior to labor, which really helped us focus on what was to come. She gave us resources and information on what to expect step by step during labor and afterwards. She even showed us breastfeeding techniques with a puppet so we could visualize everything more easily! I had an incredible labor experience with Bailey and my husband by my side. Bailey was our advocate at the hospital for all the things outlined in our birth plan, and helped us communicate our needs to the labor and delivery team with respect. She was a constant source of encouragement and support for both of us and anticipated needs I didn't even know I had! Everyone present at my delivery kept commenting on the calming, spa-like atmosphere she created for our family. Bailey was there for us during the most special time in our lives and we look forward to seeing her again when we decide to expand our family! - Margaret 

Moonstone Babies

​"We waited until the last minute before deciding that we wanted to work with a Doula, but from the minute we first spoke to her, Bailey put us at ease. She's friendly, accommodating, knowledgeable and confident, a great combination of qualities to guide us through the birth of our first child. Though our birth plan didn't quite go as anticipated and our daughter arrived a couple weeks early, Bailey helped us adapt and roll with the punches.  Even now that our daughter is a couple months old, she still checks in to make sure everything is going okay (it is!)." -Jeanne and James